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Theoretical Learning

From ISEB and ISTQB based courses to complex testing theory, We ensure appropriate, effective and efficient training at all levels. Our ability to tailor a training programme, linked to customised technical requirements and business goals/objectives, is second to none. We cover all key areas that will help you pass your ISTQB exam at a single sitting.
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Practical Learning

During your training session at TESTINGeLearn, you will be exposed to as many as 2 industry standard projects depending on the training pack you choose. These projects will put you through your paces, put your knowledge to test and help you tackle interviews.
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Ongoing Mentoring

After the training, students will be invited to join our meeting session & private community - where they will have access to a huge repository of information about Software Testing and other relevant materials. Students will also be able to ask relevant questions that will be attended to by instructors/group members.
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Becoming an Expert Tester

You are guaranteed a first class Training focused on 'learning by doing' with regular use of practical exercises and workshops, delivered by experts with years of practical experience.
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Do you know that you can earn £200 – £600 a day testing software?

Do you know that you don’t need programming skills to test software?

Do you know that you don’t need any formal education to be a software tester?

Do you know that software testers are high in demands?

What People Are Saying

Previous Participants Testimonials

Steve the tutor has a great sense of humility and a unique way to motivate his students. " CAN YOU HEAR ME LOUD AND CLEAR?"

I enjoyed every step of all the session will recommend to millions of people that are seeking a career change. Keep the Good work going Steve you shall be celebrated in time to come.

Chuks Aaron


Steve's Training school offers ALL the knowledge and support you need to start your Testing career. Steve is truly a Teacher with wealth of experience and he impacts knowledge in such a way that you can't but get it. His sessions are enjoyable and he has a very good sense of humor.

I strongly recommend Testingelearn to anyone who is ready to make that change in their career.



I would like to thank our tutor and his bosses if he may have one for their initiative of blessing people by a wonderful course recently offered.

I didn't imagine that outside the finance sector, there is such a blessing in the IT. Why not recommend this precious gift to other people?!

GK Muhiwa

Excellent training, great quality and very intense, I can't emphasize enough how good this training is. I enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you.

Helen Origbe


Thanks Steve. I really enjoyed the course with real life industry scenarios and round the clock support. HIGHLY recommend it to anyone wanting to pursue a career in software testing. Thanks again God bless forever grateful. Henry.

Henry Wambua

Best training money can buy, it will change your life for the better. I would recommend this to anyone. Thank you, Steve.

Jide Fisher


Kudos to STEVE and his team for putting together such an amazing knowledge delivery framework, TESTINGeLearn. I was wowed by the amount of information and knowledge I was able to acquire and retain within a short space of two months.

My confidence in my ability is at an all-time high, partly because of the depth of knowledge I received from TESTINGeLearn and more so because of the support system in place to help you secure a job in testing.

What more can you ask for when you know there are people out there who are more than willing to answer those questions you couldn't answer at your last interview. Therefore, I genuinely recommend TESTINGelearn to everyone hoping to get into Software testing. A trial will convince you.

NOTE: Please don't misread my feedback. I was not paid to leave this feedback and I don't even have a job yet, but I'm more than happy with the knowledge I acquired.

Kenneth Eze


A great training school! I will recommend this for anyone who wants to start care in software test. I just finished my training a few weeks ago and it was fantastic! I learn a lot, even more than I expected.

Many thanks to you Steve and your team.



Steve, what can I actually say about you? You are God sent.

Thank you very much for the knowledge. You are a revelation and will recommend you a thousand times. Thank you!

Yomi A.


Incomparable session of knowledge, and life-changing information that could transform you to be a better you.

Steve, an excellent teacher, mentor, and a man of value, indeed without any reserve when it comes to impacting knowledge.

Thanks a lot I cherish every time I spent in class.

Samuel Wilfred


I have only attended one training program before Testing Elearn. To be honest, Testing Elearn training are very comprehensive and well-packaged ones, I would recommend the various training at Testing Elearn to anybody especially to those people that do not have IT background.

Steve is not only a trainer, but a motivator.

Ola Ajala

Great training!!! It was best so far online have ever experienced. Good Job Testing Elearn

Tunde Raji

Testingelearn structured training is unparalleled in the testing sector of the IT industry. It is knowledge and experience based. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to break into the sector.

Fade Olorunlambe


Having been interested in Software testing for quite some time but finding no reputable training school or institute to learn from, a friend introduced me to Steve. I was a bit skeptic at first, but having completed the full training and realizing I knew a lot better than when I started I knew then I had made the best decision with regards to pursuing a better career path than what I was on before. All I can say is that you have to have confidence in yourself before you can be able to use what knowledge Steve and he's training impacts into you. Believe and watch your dreams come true.

Ase Odigie


This is a training that is worth its onion. The trainer is a breath of fresh air and will arm you with the knowledge you need to break into the highly competitive IT industry. I will recommend this training to anyone aspiring to have a career rather than a job. As for me its more value than the fee.



Thank you very much for your wonderful training. I find them very helpful very useful in my career. It was difficult for me to learn about IT, but the way and how you handled your training was very simple and easy to understand. At the same time, the modules which you choose for your training also increase my knowledge in the IT Industry. Although I'm yet to start testing, but I can see it coming. Can't see the beautiful pictures on your web page but can get a clear understanding from your description. May God bless you and your family. Thank you, Steve.

Ayo Seriki


Steve has structured this course(Software Testing/ISEB)in such a way it can be referred to as a one stop shop, from the training to getting your first job/role. Steve does not teach he imparts knowledge. Thanks Steve


I wish I have heard about testingelearn.co.uk about five years ago or more because it's just a complete comprehensive package. Great value for money, and above all (Steve) made the learning process as easy as it can be. I strongly recommend this learning school for all that really need a better change in career.

Kolade Irefin

Steve has been immense and a mentor. He is hands-on and wouldn't let go till everything he knows is passed across. This is honest and I wish I had known this training even earlier. I thank him once again for not only producing a damn good tester but one that is expansive and proactive.

Malachy Egbuna

The only word that comes to my mind is thank you, Steve!! Never seen in my life a teacher that spends so much energy to motivate his students. You have to take part in the class to understand what I mean... Don't get me wrong, the course is really intensive, not easy at all. For me, for a long time, it was like studying Chinese but if you can trust the man and refuse to give up, you won't regret it. It sounds strange but really, the course is organised in such a way that at some point, things start to make sense. If you are looking for a big change in your life, testing is the way. If to achieve that change, you need to be inspired and supported, Steve is your teacher. After that, it is up to you to make things happen. Stay blessed, Tevin

Tevin Gongo


Best training ever! Steve, you proved me wrong with my initial thought about your training. I have been to many training in London but nothing like the way you conducted yours. The support you render after the training is way out of this world. Guys! You are at the right place if you want to learn "software testing".



There is nothing I will write here that will make you know the totality of how I feel, but I want to tell you to keep doing what you are doing because my people say '' When you tell someone to keep his behavior or what he is doing it means he is doing alright''

Thanks a lot. You inspired.

Stanley Okafor

Steve is a good lecturer who understands his subject (Software Testing)PROPERLY. He also has motivational techniques that will encourage you to learn and understand. Besides, he wants you to be a better person in life. He is an uncommon person.

Mr. Peter

Attending this training has marked the turning point in my life. The opportunities presented by Steve is beyond what words can describe. I was not just tutored, but I was mentored, thanks, Steve. This has been the best training I have ever received.

Martins Atoyebi


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